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  • what\'s your real name? spit it out would you?(得分:0 )

    匿名用户 发表于2017年03月23日 19时33分 星期四
    I believe it\'s not lot, right? I mean, wtf is lot anyway? come on, be brave, show us your real identity :)))

    I remembered, last time you wanted people to provide an alipay account and share the account with the others, so you can obfuscate purchasing habits in case of online tracking or whatsoever, then cowards here asked for your account info to see if you were willing to share your own account with the others. turns out, you did paste account info here, but it\'s cuthead\'s QQ and password, not yours.

    > wtf.jpg
    > Y U NO.png

    do you call yourself brave? don\'t you realize that you\'ve got the guts to openly call others cowards only because you stayed anonymous as well?

    deal with it, you BRAVE little fuck.