The parallelogram identity on groups and deformations of the trivial character in SL_2(C). (arXiv:1805.06293v1 [math.GR])

We describe on any finitely generated group G the space of maps G->C which satisfy the parallelogram identity, f(xy)+f(xy^{-1})=2f(x)+2f(y). It is known (but not well-known) that these functions correspond to Zariski-tangent vectors at the trivial character of the character variety of G in SL_2(C). We study the obstructions for deforming the trivial character in the direction given by f. Along the way, we show that the trivial character is a smooth point of the character variety if dim H_1(G,C)<2 and not a smooth point if dim H_1(G,C)>2. 查看全文>>