ZX-Rules for 2-qubit Clifford+T Quantum Circuits. (arXiv:1804.05356v2 [quant-ph] UPDATED)

ZX-calculus is a high-level graphical formalism for qubit computation. In this paper we give the ZX-rules that enable one to derive all equations between 2-qubit Clifford+T quantum circuits. Our rule set is only a small extension of the rules of stabilizer ZX-calculus, and substantially less than those needed for the recently achieved universal completeness. One of our rules is new, and we expect it to also have other utilities. These ZX-rules are much simpler than the complete of set Clifford+T circuit equations due to Selinger and Bian, which indicates that ZX-calculus provides a more convenient arena for quantum circuit rewriting than restricting oneself to circuit equations. The reason for this is that ZX-calculus is not constrained by a fixed unitary gate set for performing intermediate computations. 查看全文>>