An upper bound for topological complexity. (arXiv:1807.03994v1 [math.AT])

In arXiv:1711.10132 a new approximating invariant ${\mathsf{TC}}^{\mathcal{D}}$ for topological complexity was introduced called $\mathcal{D}$-topological complexity. In this paper, we explore more fully the properties of ${\mathsf{TC}}^{\mathcal{D}}$ and the connections between ${\mathsf{TC}}^{\mathcal{D}}$ and invariants of Lusternik-Schnirelmann type. We also introduce a new $\mathsf{TC}$-type invariant $\widetilde{\mathsf{TC}}$ that can be used to give an upper bound for $\mathsf{TC}$, $$\mathsf{TC}(X)\le {\mathsf{TC}}^{\mathcal{D}}(X) + \left\lceil \frac{2\dim X -k}{k+1}\right\rceil,$$ where $X$ is a finite dimensional simplicial complex with $k$-connected universal cover $\tilde X$. The above inequality is a refinement of an estimate given by Dranishnikov. 查看全文>>