Anchoring and Binning the Coordinate Bethe Ansatz. (arXiv:1806.07768v1 [hep-th] CROSS LISTED)

The Coordinate Bethe Ansatz (CBA) expresses, as a sum over permutations, the matrix element of an XXX Heisenberg spin chain Hamiltonian eigenstate with a state with fixed spins. These matrix elements comprise the wave functions of the Hamiltonian eigenstates. However, as the complexity of the sum grows rapidly with the length N of the spin chain, the exact wave function in the continuum limit is too cumbersome to be exploited. In this note we provide an approximation to the CBA whose complexity does not directly depend upon N. This consists of two steps. First, we add an anchor to the argument of the exponential in the CBA. The anchor is a permutation-dependent integral multiple of 2 pi. Once anchored, the distribution of these arguments simplifies, becoming approximately Gaussian. The wave function is given by the Fourier transform of this distribution and so the calculation of the wave function reduces to the calculation of the moments of the distribution. Second, we parametrize the 查看全文>>