Asynchronous and Distributed Tracking of Time-Varying Fixed Points. (arXiv:1804.09768v2 [math.OC] UPDATED)

This paper develops an algorithmic framework for tracking fixed points of time-varying contraction mappings. Analytical results for the tracking error are established for the cases where: (i) the underlying contraction self-map changes at each step of the algorithm; (ii) only an imperfect information of the map is available; and, (iii) the algorithm is implemented in a distributed fashion, with communication delays and packet drops leading to asynchronous algorithmic updates. The analytical results are applicable to several classes of problems, including time-varying contraction mappings emerging from online and asynchronous implementations of gradient-based methods for time-varying convex programs. In this domain, the proposed framework can also capture the operating principles of feedback-based online algorithms, where the online gradient steps are suitably modified to accommodate actionable feedback from an underlying physical or logical network. Examples of applications and illustr 查看全文>>