A Computational Framework for the Connection Matrix Theory. (arXiv:1810.04552v1 [math.AT])

The connection matrix is a powerful algebraic topological tool from Conley index theory that captures relationships between isolated invariant sets. Conley index theory is a topological generalization of Morse theory in which the connection matrix subsumes the role of the Morse boundary operator. Over the last few decades, the ideas of Conley have been cast into a purely computational form. In this paper we introduce a computational, categorical framework for the connection matrix theory. This contribution transforms the computational Conley theory into a computational homological theory for dynamical systems. More specifically, within this paper we have two goals: 1) We cast the connection matrix theory into appropriate categorical, homotopy-theoretic language. We identify objects of the appropriate categories which correspond to connection matrices and may be computed within the computational Conley theory paradigm by using the technique of reductions. 2) We describe an algorithm for 查看全文>>