AMG based on compatible weighted matching for GPUs. (arXiv:1810.04221v1 [math.NA])

We describe main issues and design principles of an efficient implementation, tailored to recent generations of Nvidia Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), of an Algebraic Multigrid (AMG) preconditioner previously proposed by one of the authors and already available in the open-source package BootCMatch: Bootstrap algebraic multigrid based on Compatible weighted Matching for standard CPU. The AMG method relies on a new approach for coarsening sparse symmetric positive definite (spd) matrices, named "coarsening based on compatible weighted matching". It exploits maximum weight matching in the adjacency graph of the sparse matrix, driven by the principle of compatible relaxation, providing a suitable aggregation of unknowns which goes beyond the limits of the usual heuristics applied in the current methods. We adopt an approximate solution of the maximum weight matching problem, based on a recently proposed parallel algorithm, referred as the Suitor algorithm, and show that it allow us to o 查看全文>>