An Adaptive Nested Source Term Iteration for Radiative Transfer Equations. (arXiv:1810.07035v1 [math.NA])

We propose a new approach to the numerical solution of radiative transfer equations with certified a posteriori error bounds. A key role is played by stable Petrov--Galerkin type variational formulations of parametric transport equations and corresponding radiative transfer equations. This allows us to formulate an iteration in a suitable, infinite dimensional function space that is guaranteed to converge with a fixed error reduction per step. The numerical scheme is then based on approximately realizing this iteration within dynamically updated accuracy tolerances that still ensure convergence to the exact solution. To advance this iteration two operations need to be performed within suitably tightened accuracy tolerances. First, the global scattering operator needs to be approximately applied to the current iterate within a tolerance comparable to the current accuracy level. Second, parameter dependent linear transport equations need to be solved, again at the required accuracy of th 查看全文>>