Caching at the Edge with LT codes. (arXiv:1810.07081v1 [cs.IT])

We study the performance of caching schemes based on LT under peeling (iterative) decoding algorithm. We assume that users ask for downloading content to multiple cache-aided transmitters. Transmitters are connected through a backhaul link to a master node while no direct link exists between users and the master node. Each content is fragmented and coded with LT code. Cache placement at each transmitter is optimized such that transmissions over the backhaul link is minimized. We derive a closed form expression for the calculation of the backhaul transmission rate. We compare the performance of a caching scheme based on LT with respect to a caching scheme based on maximum distance separable codes. Finally, we show that caching with \acl{LT} codes behave as good as caching with maximum distance separable codes. 查看全文>>