A Method to construct the Sparse-paving Matroids over a Finite Set. (arXiv:1502.01806v2 [math.CO] UPDATED)

In this work we present an algorithm to construct sparse-paving matroids over finite set $S$. From this algorithm we derive some useful bounds on the cardinality of the set of circuits of any Sparse-Paving matroids which allow us to prove in a simple way an asymptotic relation between the class of Sparse-paving matroids and the whole class of matroids. Additionally we introduce a matrix based method which render an explicit partition of the $r$-subsets of $S$, $\binom{S}{r}=\sqcup_{i=1}^{\gamma }\mathcal{U}_{i}$ such that each $\mathcal{U}_{i}$ defines a sparse-paving matroid of rank $r$. 查看全文>>