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This paper is the first step in the project of categorifying the bialgebra structure on the half of quantum group $U_{q}(\mathfrak{g})$ by using geometry and Hall algebras. We equip the category of D-modules on the moduli stack of objects of the category $Rep_{\mathbb{C}}(Q)$ of representations of a quiver with the structure of an algebra object in the category of stable $\infty$-categories. The data for this construction is provided by an extension of the Waldhausen construction for the category $Rep_{\mathbb{C}}(Q)$. We discuss the connection to the Khovanov-Lauda-Rouquier categorification of half of the quantum group $U_{q}(\mathfrak{g})$ associated to the quiver $Q$ and outline our approach to the categorification of the bialgebra structure. 查看全文>>