Dynamic Ecological System Measures. (arXiv:1811.10423v2 [cs.SY] UPDATED)

A new mathematical method for the dynamic analysis of nonlinear ecological systems has recently been developed by the author and was presented in a separate article. Based on this methodology, multiple new dynamic ecological system measures and indices of matrix, vector, and scalar types are systematically introduced in the present paper. These mathematical system analysis tools are quantitative ecological indicators that monitor the flow distribution and storage organization, quantify the effect and utility of one compartment directly or indirectly on another, identify the system efficiency and stress, measure the compartmental exposure to system flows, determine the residence time and compartmental activity levels, and ascertain the restoration time and resilience in the case of disturbances. Major flow- and stock-related concepts and quantities of the current static network analyses are also extended to nonlinear dynamic settings and integrated with the proposed dynamic measures and 查看全文>>