Constraint algorithm for singular field theories in the $k$-cosymplectic framework. (arXiv:1812.08487v1 [math-ph])

The aim of this paper is to develop a constraint algorithm for singular classical field theories in the framework of $k$-cosymplectic geometry. Since these field theories are singular, we need to introduce the notion of $k$-precosymplectic structure, which is a generalization of the $k$-cosymplectic structure. Next $k$-precosymplectic Hamiltonian systems are introduced in order to describe singular field theories, both in Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formalisms. Finally, we develop a constraint algorithm in order to find a submanifold where the existence of solutions of the field equations is ensured. The case of affine Lagrangians is studied as a relevant example. 查看全文>>