Global existence of the harmonic map heat flow into Lorentzian manifolds. (arXiv:1901.00901v1 [math.DG])

We investigate a parabolic-elliptic system for maps $(u,v)$ from a compact Riemann surface $M$ into a Lorentzian manifold $N\times{\mathbb{R}}$ with a warped product metric. That system turns the harmonic map type equations into a parabolic system, but keeps the $v$-equation as a nonlinear second order constraint along the flow. We prove a global existence result of the parabolic-elliptic system by assuming either some geometric conditions on the target Lorentzian manifold or small energy of the initial maps. The result implies the existence of a Lorentzian harmonic map in a given homotopy class with fixed boundary data. 查看全文>>