Gradient Formulation for the Stability of DC-Microgrids. (arXiv:1901.01104v1 [math.OC])

This paper presents a non-linear stability analysis for dc-microgrids in both, interconnected mode and island operation with primary control. The proposed analysis is based on the fact that the dynamical model of the grid is a gradient system generated by a strongly convex function. The stability analysis is thus reduced to a series of convex optimization problems. The proposed method allows to: i) demonstrate the existence and uniqueness of the equilibrium ii) calculate this equilibrium numerically iii) give conditions for global stability using a Lyapunov function iv) estimate the attraction region. Previous works only address one of these aspects. Numeric calculations performed in cvx and simulations results in Matlab complement the analysis and demonstrate how to use this theoretical results in practical problems. 查看全文>>