Applications of Hardy Spaces Associated with Ball Quasi-Banach Function Spaces. (arXiv:1901.05600v1 [math.CA])

Let $X$ be a ball quasi-Banach function space and $H_X(\mathbb{R}^n)$ the associated Hardy-type space. In this article, the authors establish the characterizations of $H_X(\mathbb{R}^n)$ via the Littlewood-Paley $g$-functions and $g_\lambda^\ast$-functions. Moreover, the authors obtain the boundedness of Calder\'on-Zygmund operators on $H_X(\mathbb{R}^n)$. For the local Hardy-type space $h_X(\mathbb{R}^n)$, the authors also obtain the boundedness of $S^0_{1,0}(\mathbb{R}^n)$ pseudo-differential operators on $h_X(\mathbb{R}^n)$ via first establishing the atomic characterization of $h_X(\mathbb{R}^n)$. Furthermore, the characterizations of $h_X(\mathbb{R}^n)$ by means of local molecules and local Littlewood-Paley functions are also given. The results obtained in this article have a wide range of generality and can be applied to the classical Hardy space, the weighted Hardy space, the Herz-Hardy space, the Lorentz-Hardy space, the Morrey-Hardy space, the variable Hardy space, the Orlicz-s 查看全文>>