Approximative $K$-Atomic Decompositions and frames in Banach Spaces. (arXiv:1901.05950v1 [math.FA])

[L. Gavruta, Frames for Operators, Appl. comput. Harmon. Anal. 32(2012), 139-144] introduced a special kind of frames, named $K$-frames, where $K$ is an operator, in Hilbert spaces, is significant in frame theory and has many applications. In this paper, first of all, we have introduced the notion of approximative $K$-atomic decomposition in Banach spaces. We gave two characterizations regarding the existence of approximative $K$-atomic decompositions in Banach spaces. Also some results on the existence of approximative $K$-atomic decompositions are obtained. We discuss several methods to construct approximative $K$-atomic decomposition for Banach Spaces. Further, approximative $\mathcal{X}_d$-frame and approximative $\mathcal{X}_d$-Bessel sequence are introduced and studied. Two necessary conditions are given under which an approximative $\mathcal{X}_d$-Bessel sequence and approximative $\mathcal{X}_d$-frame give rise to a bounded operator with respect to which there is an approximati 查看全文>>