A Proximal Alternating Direction Method of Multiplier for Linearly Constrained Nonconvex Minimization. (arXiv:1812.10229v2 [math.OC] UPDATED)

Consider the minimization of a nonconvex differentiable function over a polyhedron. A popular primal-dual first-order method for this problem is to perform a gradient projection iteration for the augmented Lagrangian function and then update the dual multiplier vector using the constraint residual. However, numerical examples show that this approach can exhibit "oscillation" and may not converge. In this paper, we propose a proximal alternating direction method of multipliers for the multi-block version of this problem. A distinctive feature of this method is the introduction of a "smoothed" (i.e., exponentially weighted) sequence of primal iterates, and the inclusion, at each iteration, to the augmented Lagrangian function a quadratic proximal term centered at the current smoothed primal iterate. The resulting proximal augmented Lagrangian function is inexactly minimized (via a gradient projection step) at each iteration while the dual multiplier vector is updated using the residual o 查看全文>>