Definable retractions over Henselian valued fields with analytic structure. (arXiv:1901.09922v2 [math.AG] UPDATED)

Let $K$ be a Henselian, non-trivially valued field with separated analytic structure. We prove the existence of definable retractions onto an arbitrary closed definable subset of $K^{n}$. Hence directly follow definable non-Archimedean versions of the extension theorems by Tietze--Urysohn and Dugundji. This generalizes our previous paper dealing with complete non-Archimedean fields with separated power series and remains true for Henselian valued fields with strictly convergent analytic structure, because every such a structure can be extended in a definitional way to a separated analytic structure. Our proof uses a variant of the one from that paper, based on canonical resolution of singularities, and a model-theoretic compactness argument. 查看全文>>