Elon Musk Wants Teslas to Automatically Call a Tow Truck When Something Breaks

An anonymous reader quotes TechCrunch: In September of last year, Elon Musk promised to make fixing service times a priority. On an earnings call, he outlined two ways they're working on it: more spare parts at service centers, and giving Tesla cars the ability to automatically get the process started by calling a tow truck as soon as it detects an issue. Said Elon on the call: The next thing we want to add is if a car detects something wrong -- like a flat tire or a drive unit failure -- that before the car has even come to a halt, there's a tow truck and service loaner on the way. False alarm? Don't want a tow truck to show up? You'll be able to cancel it through the in-dash display. Musk didn't provide a time frame for when this feature would become available. 查看全文>>