Convergence of normalized Betti numbers in nonpositive curvature. (arXiv:1811.02520v2 [math.GT] UPDATED)

We study the convergence of volume-normalized Betti numbers in Benjamini-Schramm convergent sequences of non-positively curved manifolds with finite volume. In particular, we show that if $X$ is an irreducible symmetric space of noncompact type, $X \neq \mathbb H^3$, and $(M_n)$ is any Benjamini-Schramm convergent sequence of finite volume $X$-manifolds, then the normalized Betti numbers $b_k(M_n)/vol(M_n)$ converge for all $k$. As a corollary, if $X$ has higher rank and $(M_n)$ is any sequence of distinct, finite volume $X$-manifolds, the normalized Betti numbers of $M_n$ converge to the $L^2$ Betti numbers of $X$. This extends our earlier work with Nikolov, Raimbault and Samet, where we proved the same convergence result for uniformly thick sequences of compact $X$-manifolds. 查看全文>>