Deformations of complexes for finite dimensional algebras. (arXiv:1511.08081v2 [math.RT] UPDATED)

Let $k$ be a field and let $\Lambda$ be a finite dimensional $k$-algebra. We prove that every bounded complex $V^\bullet$ of finitely generated $\Lambda$-modules has a well-defined versal deformation ring $R(\Lambda,V^\bullet)$ which is a complete local commutative Noetherian $k$-algebra with residue field $k$. We also prove that nice two-sided tilting complexes between $\Lambda$ and another finite dimensional $k$-algebra $\Gamma$ preserve these versal deformation rings. Additionally, we investigate stable equivalences of Morita type between self-injective algebras in this context. We apply these results to the derived equivalence classes of the members of a particular family of algebras of dihedral type that were introduced by Erdmann and shown by Holm to be not derived equivalent to any block of a group algebra. 查看全文>>