Domination and Upper Domination of Direct Product Graphs. (arXiv:1708.01305v1 [math.CO])

The unitary Cayley graph of $\mathbb{Z} /n \mathbb{Z}$, denoted $X_{\mathbb{Z} / n \mathbb{Z}}$, has vertices $0,1, \dots, n-1$ with $x$ adjacent to $y$ if $x-y$ is relatively prime to $n$. We present results on the tightness of the known inequality $\gamma(X_{\mathbb{Z} / n \mathbb{Z}})\leq \gamma_t(X_{\mathbb{Z} / n \mathbb{Z}})\leq g(n)$, where $\gamma$ and $\gamma_t$ denote the domination number and total domination number, respectively, and $g$ is the arithmetic function known as Jacobsthal's function. In particular, we construct integers $n$ with arbitrarily many distinct prime factors such that $\gamma(X_{\mathbb{Z} / n \mathbb{Z}})\leq\gamma_t(X_{\mathbb{Z} / n \mathbb{Z}})\leq g(n)-1$. Extending work of Meki\v{s}, we give lower bounds for the domination numbers of direct products of complete graphs. We also present a simple conjecture for the exact values of the upper domination numbers of direct products of balanced, complete multipartite graphs and prove the conjecture in ce 查看全文>>