Efficient Variance-Reduced Learning for Fully Decentralized On-Device Intelligence. (arXiv:1708.01384v1 [cs.LG])

This work develops a fully decentralized variance-reduced learning algorithm for on-device intelligence where nodes store and process the data locally and are only allowed to communicate with their immediate neighbors. In the proposed algorithm, there is no need for a central or master unit while the objective is to enable the dispersed nodes to learn the {\em exact} global model despite their limited localized interactions. The resulting algorithm is shown to have low memory requirement, guaranteed linear convergence, robustness to failure of links or nodes, scalability to the network size, and privacy-preserving properties. Moreover, the decentralized nature of the solution makes large-scale machine learning problems more tractable and also scalable since data is stored and processed locally at the nodes. 查看全文>>