Fast and exact search for the partition with minimal information loss. (arXiv:1708.01444v1 [cs.IT])

In analysis of multi-component complex systems, such as neural systems, identifying groups of units that share similar functionality will aid understanding of the underlying structures of the system. To find such a grouping, it is useful to evaluate to what extent the units of the system are separable. Separability or inseparability can be evaluated by quantifying how much information would be lost if the system were partitioned into subsystems, and the interactions between the subsystems were hypothetically removed. A system of two independent subsystems are completely separable without any loss of information while a system of strongly interacted subsystems cannot be separated without a large loss of information. Among all the possible partitions of a system, the partition that minimizes the loss of information, called the Minimum Information Partition (MIP), can be considered as the optimal partition for characterizing the underlying structures of the system. Although the MIP would 查看全文>>