Ghost characters and character varieties of 2-fold branched covers. (arXiv:1708.01511v1 [math.GT])

It is known that for any knot $K$ every (meridionally) trace-free $SL_2(C)$-representation of the knot group $G(K)$ gives an $SL_2(C)$-representation of the fundamental group $\pi_1(\Sigma_2K)$ of the 2-fold branched covering $\Sigma_2K$ of the 3-sphere branched along $K$. In this paper, we show by using a notion called a ghost character of a knot that for the (4,5)-torus knot $T_{4,5}$ the fundamental group $\pi_1(\Sigma_2T_{4,5})$ has an $SL(2,C)$-representation which cannot be given by any trace-free $SL_2(C)$-representation of $G(T_{4,5})$. 查看全文>>