Directed strongly walk-regular graphs. (arXiv:1508.05281v2 [math.CO] UPDATED)

We generalize the concept of strong walk-regularity to directed graphs. We call a digraph strongly $\ell$-walk-regular with $\ell >1$ if the number of walks of length $\ell$ from a vertex to another vertex depends only on whether the two vertices are the same, adjacent, or not adjacent. This generalizes also the well-studied strongly regular digraphs and a problem posed by Hoffman. Our main tools are eigenvalue methods. The case that the adjacency matrix is diagonalizable with only real eigenvalues resembles the undirected case. We show that a digraph $\Gamma$ with only real eigenvalues whose adjacency matrix is not diagonalizable has at most two values of $\ell$ for which $\Gamma$ can be strongly $\ell$-walk-regular, and we also construct examples of such strongly walk-regular digraphs. We also consider digraphs with nonreal eigenvalues. We give such examples and characterize those digraphs $\Gamma$ for which there are infinitely many $\ell$ for which $\Gamma$ is strongly $\ell$-wa 查看全文>>