Duality for Differential Operators of Lie-Rinehart Algebras. (arXiv:1709.03973v1 [math.RA])

Let (S,L) be a Lie-Rinehart algebra over a commutative ring R. This article proves that, if S is flat as an R-module and has Van den Bergh duality in dimension n, and if L is finitely generated and projective with constant rank d as an S-module, then the enveloping algebra of (S,L) has Van den Bergh duality in dimension n+d. When, moreover, S is Calabi-Yau and the d-th exterior power of L is free over S, the article proves that the enveloping algebra is skew-Calabi-Yau, and it describes a Nakayama automorphism of it. These considerations are specialised to Poisson enveloping algebras. They are also illustrated on Poisson structures over two and three dimensional polynomial algebras and on Nambu-Poisson structures on certain two dimensional hypersurfaces. 查看全文>>