Circumcenter extension of Moebius maps to CAT(-1) spaces. (arXiv:1709.09110v2 [math.DG] UPDATED)

Given a Moebius homeomorphism $f : \partial X \to \partial Y$ between boundaries of proper, geodesically complete CAT(-1) spaces $X,Y$, we describe an extension $\hat{f} : X \to Y$ of $f$, called the circumcenter map of $f$, which is constructed using circumcenters of expanding sets. The extension $\hat{f}$ is shown to coincide with the $(1, \log 2)$-quasi-isometric extension constructed in [biswas3], and is locally $1/2$-Holder continuous. When $X,Y$ are complete, simply connected manifolds with sectional curvatures $K$ satisfying $-b^2 \leq K \leq -1$ for some $b \geq 1$ then the extension $\hat{f} : X \to Y$ is a $(1, (1 - \frac{1}{b})\log 2)$-quasi-isometry. Circumcenter extension of Moebius maps is natural with respect to composition with isometries. 查看全文>>