Galilei Group with multiple central extension, vorticity and entropy generation: "Exotic" fluid in 3+1-dimensions. (arXiv:1707.03153v2 [hep-th] UPDATED)

A noncommutative extension of an ideal (Hamiltonian) fluid model in $3+1$-dimensions is proposed. The model enjoys several interesting features: it allows a multi-parameter central extension in Galilean boost algebra (which is significant being contrary to existing belief that similar feature can appear only in $2+1$-dim.); noncommutativity generates vorticity in a canonically irrotational fluid; it induces a non-barotropic pressure leading to a non-isentropic system. (Barotropic fluids are entropy preserving as pressure depends only on matter density.) Our fluid model is termed "Exotic" since it has close resemblance with the extensively studied planar (2+1-dim.) Exotic models and Exotic (noncommutative) field theories. 查看全文>>