Imaging of isotropic and anisotropic conductivities from power densities in three dimensions. (arXiv:1711.03137v1 [math.NA])

We present numerical reconstructions of anisotropic conductivity tensors in three dimensions, from knowledge of a finite family of power density functionals. Such a problem arises in the coupled-physics imaging modality Ultrasound Modulated Electrical Impedance Tomography for instance. We improve on the algorithms previously derived in [Bal et al, Inverse Probl Imaging (2013), pp.353-375, Monard and Bal, Comm. PDE (2013), pp.1183-1207] for both isotropic and anisotropic cases, and we address the well-known issue of vanishing determinants in particular. The algorithm is implemented and we provide numerical results that illustrate the improvements. 查看全文>>