Energy Efficiency Maximization for CoMP Joint Transmission with Non-Ideal Power Amplifiers. (arXiv:1801.01652v1 [cs.IT])

Coordinated multipoint (CoMP) joint transmission (JT) can save a great deal of energy especially for cell-edge users due to strengthened received signal, but at the cost of deploying and coordinating cooperative nodes, which degrades energy efficiency (EE), particularly when considerable amount of energy is consumed by nonideal hardware circuit. In this paper, we study energyefficient cooperation establishment, including cooperative nodes selection (CNS) and power allocation, to satisfy a required data rate in coherent JT-CoMP networks with non-ideal power amplifiers (PAs) and circuit power. The selection priority lemma is proved first, and then the formulated discrete combinatorial EE optimization is resolved by proposing node selection criterion and deriving closedform expressions of optimal transmission power. Therefore, an efficient algorithm is provided and its superiority is validated by Monte Carlo simulations, which also show the effects of non-ideal PA and the data rate demand 查看全文>>