Convergence of uniform noncrossing partitions toward the Brownian triangulation. (arXiv:1711.04872v2 [math.PR] UPDATED)

We give a short proof that a uniform noncrossing partition of the regular $n$-gon weakly converges toward Aldous's Brownian triangulation of the disk, in the sense of the Hausdorff topology. This result was first obtained by Curien & Kortchemski, using a more complicated encoding. Thanks to a result of Marchal on strong convergence of Dyck paths toward the Brownian excursion, we furthermore give an algorithm that allows to recursively construct a sequence of uniform noncrossing partitions for which the previous convergence holds almost surely. In addition, we also treat the case of uniform noncrossing pair partitions of even-sided polygons. 查看全文>>