De Vries duality for normal spaces and locally compact Hausdorff spaces. (arXiv:1804.04303v1 [math.GN])

By de Vries duality, the category of compact Hausdorff spaces is dually equivalent to the category of de Vries algebras. In our recent article, we have extended de Vries duality to completely regular spaces by generalizing de Vries algebras to de Vries extensions. To illustrate the utility of this point of view, we show how to use this new duality to obtain algebraic counterparts of normal and locally compact Hausdorff spaces in the form of de Vries extensions that are subject to additional axioms which encode the desired topological property. This, in particular, yields a different perspective on de Vries duality. As a further application, we show that a duality for locally compact Hausdorff spaces due to Dimov can be obtained from our approach. 查看全文>>