A unified continuum and variational multiscale formulation for fluids, solids, and fluid-structure interaction. (arXiv:1711.01322v4 [physics.comp-ph] UPDATED)

We develop a unified continuum modeling framework for viscous fluids and hyperelastic solids using the Gibbs free energy as the thermodynamic potential. This framework naturally leads to a pressure primitive variable formulation for the continuum body, which is well-behaved in both compressible and incompressible regimes. Our derivation also provides a rational justification of the isochoric-volumetric additive split of free energies in nonlinear continuum mechanics. The variational multiscale analysis is performed for the continuum model to construct a foundation for numerical discretization. We first consider the continuum body instantiated as a hyperelastic material and develop a variational multiscale formulation for the hyper-elastodynamic problem. The generalized-alpha method is applied for temporal discretization. A segregated algorithm for the nonlinear solver is designed and carefully analyzed. Second, we apply the new formulation to construct a novel unified formulation for f查看全文

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