Multistationarity in Structured Reaction Networks. (arXiv:1810.05574v1 [q-bio.MN])

Many dynamical systems arising in biology and other areas exhibit multistationarity (two or more positive steady states with the same conserved quantities). Although deciding multistationarity for a polynomial dynamical system is an effective question in real algebraic geometry, it is in general difficult to determine whether a given network can give rise to a multistationary system, and if so, to identify witnesses to multistationarity, that is, specific parameter values for which the system exhibits multiple steady states. Here we investigate both problems. First, we build on work of Conradi, Feliu, Mincheva, and Wiuf, who showed that for certain reaction networks whose steady states admit a positive parametrization, multistationarity is characterized by whether a certain "critical function" changes sign. Here, we allow for more general parametrizations, which make it much easier to determine the existence of a sign change. This is particularly simple when the steady-state equations查看全文

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