A Lyapunov function construction for a non-convex Douglas-Rachford iteration. (arXiv:1708.08697v2 [math.OC] UPDATED)

While global convergence of the Douglas-Rachford iteration is often observed in applications, proving it is still limited to convex and a handful of other special cases. Lyapunov functions for difference inclusions provide not only global or local convergence certificates, but also imply robust stability, which means that the convergence is still guaranteed in the presence of persistent disturbances. In this work, a global Lyapunov function is constructed by combining known local Lyapunov functions for simpler, local sub-problems via an explicit formula that depends on the problem parameters. Specifically, we consider the scenario where one set consists of the union of two lines and the other set is a line, so that the two sets intersect in two distinct points. Locally, near each intersection point, the problem reduces to the intersection of just two lines, but globally the geometry is non-convex and the Douglas-Rachford operator multi-valued. Our approach is intended to be prototypica查看全文

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