A Subsampling Line-Search Method with Second-Order Results. (arXiv:1810.07211v1 [math.OC])

In many contemporary optimization problems, such as hyperparameter tuning for deep learning architectures, it is computationally challenging or even infeasible to evaluate an entire function or its derivatives. This necessitates the use of stochastic algorithms that sample problem data, which can jeopardize the guarantees classically obtained through globalization techniques via a trust region or a line search. Using subsampled function values is particularly challenging for the latter strategy, that relies upon multiple evaluations. On top of that all, there has been an increasing interest for nonconvex formulations of data-related problems. For such instances, one aims at developing methods that converge to second-order stationary points, which is particularly delicate to ensure when one only accesses subsampled approximations of the objective and its derivatives. This paper contributes to this rapidly expanding field by presenting a stochastic algorithm based on negative curvature a查看全文

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