Matrix models for topological strings: exact results in the planar limit. (arXiv:1810.08608v1 [hep-th])

We study the large N expansion of a family of matrix models related to topological strings on toric Calabi-Yau threefolds. These matrix models compute spectral observables of underlying operators obtained by quantizing the mirror curves. They have the form of a deformed O(2) matrix model, with a specific non-polynomial potential involving the Faddeev quantum dilogarithm. Their planar limit is studied using a particular conformal mapping depending on two parameters, from which several universal results can be obtained. As expected, the spectral curves controlling the planar limit of the matrix models are the mirror curves themselves, which in our cases have genus 1. Our results encompass all those toric geometries with genus $1$ mirror where an explicit one-cut matrix integral is known: local $P^2$, local $F_0$, local $F_2$, and degenerations of the resolved $C^3/Z_5$, the resolved $C^3/Z_6$ and the resolved $Y^{3,0}$ geometries amongst others.查看全文

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