Enhanced Representative Days and System States Modeling for Energy Storage Investment Analysis. (arXiv:1810.09539v1 [math.OC])

This paper analyzes different models for evaluating investments in Energy Storage Systems (ESS) in power systems with high penetration of Renewable Energy Sources (RES). First of all, two methodologies proposed in the literature are extended to consider ESS investment: a unit commitment model that uses the System States (SS) method of representing time; and another one that uses a representative periods (RP) method. Besides, this paper proposes two new models that improve the previous ones without a significant increase of computation time. The enhanced models are the System States Reduced Frequency Matrix (SS-RFM) model which addresses short-term energy storage more approximately than the SS method to reduce the number of constraints in the problem, and the Representative Periods with Transition Matrix and Cluster Indices (RP-TM&CI) model which guarantees some continuity between representative periods, e.g. days, and introduces long-term storage into a model originally designed on查看全文

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