Equilibrium points and basins of convergence in the triangular restricted four-body problem with a radiating body. (arXiv:1812.08641v1 [nlin.CD])

The dynamics of the four-body problem have attracted increasing attention in recent years. In this paper, we extend the basic equilateral four-body problem by introducing the effect of radiation pressure, Poynting-Robertson drag, and solar wind drag. In our setup, three primaries lay at the vertices of an equilateral triangle and move in circular orbits around their common center of mass. Here, one of the primaries is a radiating body and the fourth body (whose mass is negligible) does not affect the motion of the primaries. We show that the existence and the number of equilibrium points of the problem depend on the mass parameters and radiation factor. Consequently, the allowed regions of motion, the regions of the basins of convergence for the equilibrium points, and the basin entropy will also depend on these parameters. The present dynamical model is analyzed for three combinations of mass for the primaries: equal masses, two equal masses, different masses. As the main results, we查看全文

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