Covert Secret Key Generation with an Active Warden. (arXiv:1901.02044v1 [cs.IT])

We investigate the problem of covert and secret key generation over a discrete memoryless channel model with one way public discussion and in presence of an active warden who can arbitrarily vary its channel and tamper with the main channel when an information symbol is sent. In this scenario, we develop an adaptive protocol that is required to conceal not only the key but also whether a protocol is being implemented. Based on the adversary's actions, this protocol generates a key whose size depends on the adversary's actions. Moreover, for a passive adversary and for some models that we identify, we show that covert secret key generation is possible and characterize the covert secret key capacity in special cases; in particular, the covert secret key capacity is sometimes equal to the covert capacity of the channel, so that secrecy comes ``for free.查看全文

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