Conformal wave equations for the Einstein-tracefree matter system. (arXiv:1902.01816v1 [gr-qc])

Inspired by a similar analysis for the vacuum conformal Einstein field equations by Paetz [Ann. H. Poincar\'e 16, 2059 (2015)], in this article we show how to construct a system of quasilinear wave equations for the geometric fields associated to the conformal Einstein field equations coupled to matter models whose energy-momentum tensor has vanishing trace. In this case, the equation of conservation for the energy-momentum tensor is conformally invariant. Our analysis includes the construction of a subsidiary evolution system which allows to prove the propagation of the constraints. We discuss how the underlying structure behind these systems of equations is the integrability conditions satisfied by the conformal field equations. The main result of our analysis is that both the evolution and subsidiary equations for the geometric part of the conformal Einstein-tracefree matter field equations close without the need of any further assumption on the matter models other than the vanishin查看全文

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