Electrostatic T-matrix for a torus on bases of toroidal and spherical harmonics. (arXiv:1904.10807v1 [physics.comp-ph])

Semi-analytic expressions for the static limit of the $T$-matrix for electromagnetic scattering are derived for a circular torus, expressed in both a basis of toroidal harmonics and spherical harmonics. The scattering problem for an arbitrary static excitation is solved using toroidal harmonics, and these are then compared to the extended boundary condition method to obtain analytic expressions for auxiliary $Q$ and $P$-matrices, from which $\mathbf{T}=\mathbf{P}\mathbf{Q}^{-1}$ (in a toroidal basis). By applying the basis transformations between toroidal and spherical harmonics, the quasi-static limit of the $T$-matrix block $\mathbf{T}^{22}$ for electric-electric multipole coupling is obtained. For the toroidal geometry there are two similar $T$-matrices on a spherical basis, for computing the scattered field both near the origin and in the far field. Static limits of the optical cross-sections are computed, and analytic expressions for the limit of a thin ring are derived.查看全文

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