Remarks to the Resonance-Decay Problem in Quantum Mechanics from a mathematical point of view. (arXiv:1706.04137v1 [math-ph])

The description of bumps in scattering cross-sections by Breit-Wigner amplitudes led in the framework of the mathematical Physics to its formulation as the so-called Resonance-Decay Problem. It consists of a spectraltheoretical component and the connection of this component with the construction of decaying states. First the note quotes a solution for scattering systems, where the absolutely continuous parts of the Hamiltonians are semi-bounded and the scattering matrix is holomorphic in the upper half plane. This result uses the approach developed by Lax and Phillips, where the energy scale is extended to the whole real axis. The relationship of the spectraltheoretical part of its solution and corresponding solutions obtained by other approaches is explained in the case of the Friedrichs model. A No-Go theorem shows the impossibility of the total solution within the specific framework of non-relativistic quantum mechanics. This points to the importance of the Lax-Phillips approach. At查看全文

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