Significantly Improving Lossy Compression for Scientific Data Sets Based on Multidimensional Prediction and Error-Controlled Quantization. (arXiv:1706.03791v1 [cs.IT])

Today's HPC applications are producing extremely large amounts of data, such that data storage and analysis are becoming more challenging for scientific research. In this work, we design a new error-controlled lossy compression algorithm for large-scale scientific data. Our key contribution is significantly improving the prediction hitting rate (or prediction accuracy) for each data point based on its nearby data values along multiple dimensions. We derive a series of multilayer prediction formulas and their unified formula in the context of data compression. One serious challenge is that the data prediction has to be performed based on the preceding decompressed values during the compression in order to guarantee the error bounds, which may degrade the prediction accuracy in turn. We explore the best layer for the prediction by considering the impact of compression errors on the prediction accuracy. Moreover, we propose an adaptive error-controlled quantization encoder, which can furt查看全文

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