Chern-Simons Splitting of 2+1D Pure Yang-Mills Theory at Large Distances. (arXiv:1410.8593v3 [hep-th] UPDATED)

Geometric quantization of 2+1 dimensional pure Yang-Mills theory is studied with focusing on finite large scales. It is previously shown that (Yildirim, 2015, Int. J. Mod. Phys A, 30(7), 1550034), topologically massive Yang-Mills theory exhibits a Chern-Simons splitting behavior at large scales, similar to the topologically massive AdS gravity model in its near Chern-Simons limit. This splitting occurs as two Chern-Simons parts with levels $+k/2$ each, where $k$ is the original Chern-Simons level in the Lagrangian. In the pure Chern-Simons limit, split parts combine to give the original Chern-Simons level. The opposite limit of the gravitational analogue gives an Einstein-Hilbert term with a negative cosmological constant, which can be written as a two half Chern-Simons terms with opposite signs. With this motivation, the gauge theory analogue of this limit is investigated, showing that at finite large distances pure Yang-Mills theory acts like a topological theory that consists of spl查看全文

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