Development of a New Spectral Collocation Method Using Laplacian Eigenbasis for Elliptic Partial Differential Equations in an Extended Domain. (arXiv:1803.02075v2 [math.NA] UPDATED)

The recent development of spectral method has been praised for its high-order convergence in simulating complex physical problems. The combination of embedded boundary method and spectral method becomes a mainstream way to tackle geometrically complicated problems. However, the convergence is deteriorated when embedded boundary strategies are employed. Owing to the loss of regularity, in this paper we propose a new spectral collocation method which retains the regularity of solutions to solve differential equations in the case of complex geometries. The idea is rooted in the basis functions defined in an extended domain, which leads to a useful upper bound of the Lebesgue constant with respect to the Fourier best approximation. In particular, how the stretching of the domain defining basis functions affects the convergence rate directly is detailed. Error estimates chosen in our proposed method show that the exponential decay convergence for problems with analytical solutions can be re查看全文

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