Complete homotopy invariants for translation invariant symmetric quantum walks on a chain. (arXiv:1804.04520v1 [quant-ph])

We provide a classification of translation invariant one-dimensional quantum walks with respect to continuous deformations preserving unitarity, locality, translation invariance, a gap condition, and some symmetry of the tenfold way. The classification largely matches the one recently obtained (arXiv:1611.04439) for a similar setting leaving out translation invariance. However, the translation invariant case has some finer distinctions, because some walks may be connected only by breaking translation invariance along the way, retaining only invariance by an even number of sites. Similarly, if walks are considered equivalent when they differ only by adding a trivial walk, i.e., one that allows no jumps between cells, then the classification collapses also to the general one. The indices of the general classification can be computed in practice only for walks closely related to some translation invariant ones. We prove a completed collection of simple formulas in terms of winding numbers查看全文

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